Amopic Paint and Amopic Android

posted Oct 11, 2010, 5:36 PM by Dennis Wong

So as time passed by, the Amopic family grow larger and larger. Amopic Paint, the lite version of Amopic is on Apple app store already. Amopic is also on the Android market (though I receive email saying it cannot be downloaded due to some setting of Google Merchant, will fix that asap). This is the current list of Amopic members

Amopic iPhone

Amopic iPad

Amopic Paint iPhone

Amopic Paint iPad

Amopic Android

More apps will be published in the next few weeks, stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy Amopic

Thank you for all your support along with our development on Amopic

ps 1. This website is in the progress of re-build, and a completely new website will be available in 3 weeks time

ps 2. Text tutorial is now available in the Tutorial / Video tab, the tutorial though is not an update one, we will provide a more established one once we start using the new website

recent updates

posted Sep 16, 2010, 12:09 AM by Dennis Wong

Sorry for fail to update frequently as we are damn busy these days. Thanks for all the feedback from our users, we discover several area we can improve and we have been working hard these days for a much better version.

So Amopic 1.1.0 was now pending the approval from Apple, check out the screenshot below, I think you will be excited by the facebook sharing function we provided. 

Not only that, we have optimized the memory management and speed of our program, and making this version a much more stable version when compared to the past (we know when opening huge photos Amopic may crash in the past). We are satisfied with this update and I hope you all will be equally satisfied.

Stay tuned and be ready to upload your photos to Facebook by Amopic :) 

we are on iPad now

posted Aug 4, 2010, 7:36 PM by Dennis Wong

hello iPad users i know you must be waiting amopic iPad version for a long time, so finally it is now officially on app store

demo will be uploaded soon, stay tuned

amopic on iPad

posted Jul 28, 2010, 5:31 PM by Dennis Wong

hmm.. seriously thinking of buying an iPad, amopic looks simply awesome in an iPad, check it out in the attachments

first week

posted Jul 26, 2010, 5:32 PM by Dennis Wong   [ updated Jul 29, 2010, 7:58 PM ]

Thank you for all the support on amopic, amopic was downloaded in 12 regions with substantial downloads in merely 1 week (we were once ranked top 100 in 2 regions, and were ranked 33 in Taiwan region someday), we would therefore like to thank all who love our app, and those who spread the word for us.

We have also received numerous feedbacks on our app, most notably, requesting for a help menu. We value our customers and so you get what you want, an update with a quick help (take a look on Screenshot8) was currently under Apple review, screenshots attached, I hope you all will love it.

We desperately want to improve our app and your feedback is essential, so again if you have any suggestion for us, feel free to drop us an email or fill in the form in the Contact Us section, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once again thank you for all the support, and if you like our app, show us some love, spread the word and let your friends know about us. We provide 2 good ways for you to do so

Hope to see you all in facebook or twitter in the near future. 



allow me to introduce ourselves

posted Jul 16, 2010, 11:08 AM by Dennis Wong   [ updated Jul 20, 2010, 7:31 PM ]

After a long development time, we are glad to announce our app amopic is finally available on Apple app store.
So what the heck is amopic?

Amopic provides comprehensive features for image editing as well as drawing and painting on your iPhone/iTouch. With the much improved processing power of current mobile devices, we are able to put the traditional photoshop / gimp functions on your mobile device, which allows you to do quick fix or image manipulation anywhere on earth with your iPhone/iTouch instead of sitting right in front of your desktop.

A video is worth a million words (I just scale the thousands words picture up), I guess nothing would be better to demonstrate the features by a video, you certainly will be impressed.

YouTube Video

Section for tech geeks - HTML5

One thing worth mentioning is, unlike most of the other photo apps, 99% of our codes were implemented by HTML5 instead of objective C, which implies a much tougher development stage.

You must be wondering why we choose the difficult way, there is one good reason for that, i.e. HTML5 is supported in numerous smart phones such as iPhone, Android phones, Palm etc, whilst objective C is only supported in iPhone series. So you can fully expect to see us on different app stores in a few months time. 


We will come up with more fun examples and tutorials in video section in the near future, feel free to send us comments and let us know what features you want for the next release.



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